Music Services

Whatever your musical need, Bute Music is here and ready to help. This page gives a brief overview of the services we can provide – just click on the links in theĀ  sections for more details and examples.


Need a bespoke arrangement for a special occasion? Struggling for repertoire in an unusual ensemble? You’ve found a tune you love, but already existing versions don’t quite match your specific requirements? We’ve been there and know how to handle it!

Take a look at the Arranging page for more details.

Music Engraving/Typesetting

Hastily scrawled a great new piece on a napkin during a train journey and need it looking performance-ready? Only got a set of parts (or a dreaded short score), but your conductor demands a full score for rehearsal? Or perhaps you just need an expert eye to tidy things up?

Head to the Music Engraving page to find out how we can help.


Your function band leader wants you to play the solos exactly as they are on the recording, but your reading skills are far better than your ears? Classical musician wanting to do a convincing jazz impression? Maybe you’ve found the perfect thing for your next concert, but the sheet music just doesn’t exist.

Click here to go to the Transcription page and see what our ears can do for you.

Technical details:

We mainly use Sibelius 8 (with playback from NotePerformer), but files from other software are no problem. On the occasions that a DAW is required, most of the team use Reaper. We also have all the hardware and a variety of VSTs to create mockups if required.