Music Engraving/Typesetting

Although every musician understands the frustration of playing off a badly formatted part, many seem to overlook the effort and expertise that goes into creating clear, concise and sight-readable parts. In many situations, the engraving and typesetting can make the difference between a great performance from stress-free musicians, or an uncomfortable “well, we got through it”!

We are familiar with preparing music that follows the particular notational practises for a large variety of genres. This ranges from effective lead sheets for pop/rock or jazz, to aleatoric and other non-standard notations found in contemporary music. Previous work includes:

  • Preparing scores and parts for publication.
  • Proofreading and formatting the parts for a concert orchestra at 24 hours notice.
  • Engraving a set of music for a jazz quartet tour of Spain and Switzerland, with a heavy emphasis on making the parts as clear as possible even in poorly-lit venues.
  • Expanding large ensemble short scores into full scores for more efficient rehearsals.
  • Taking raw MIDI data and converting it into tidy, human-readable scores.

We can offer a full range of engraving services, including:

  • Typesetting – We can taking handwritten music and produce beautiful, clear computer engravings using industry-standard software.
  • Proofreading – Maybe you’ve got 90% of the way there yourself, but something still isn’t quite right? Our editors can spot a rogue rest or an unclear rhythm at 20 paces, and are happy to tidy up all the loose ends for you.
  • Score and part preparation – Composers have enough to worry about just with the job of magicking music from the æther! We can make your hard work musician- and performance-ready, so that it easily comes to life in that first reading session.

Example Work

Excerpt from ‘Basta’ for Solo Trombone by Folke Rabe

Two Short Movements for Solo Piano

Choral Score Example


While there are far too many variables to give useful example prices (a one-page piano solo? New Complexity scores with graphic elements?), we are committed to offering an affordable and flexible service that can be tailored to each individual request. Please get in touch with your ideas via the contact page, and we’ll get back to you with a price quote as soon as we can to find an arrangement that works for you!