Kyrie from ‘Messe de Nostre Dame’ for Brass Quartet

Guillaume de Machaut was a Medieval composer and poet who is widely regarded as the most important composer of the 14th century. This Kyrie is taken from ‘La Messe de Nostre Dame’, the earliest surviving complete Mass known to be by a single composer. It is written in a polyphonic style, with harmonies arising that would rarely be heard again for hundreds of years after it’s composition.


1. (Triplum) – parts included for Trumpet in Bb or Horn in F

2. (Motetus) – parts included for Trumpet in Bb or Horn in F

3. (Tenor) – Trombone

4. (Contratenor) – Trombone

Performance notes: All slurs and articulations have been freely adapted by the arranger, roughly following the melismas of the original text. As such, they may be changed at the performers discretion. Dynamics have been omitted as in the original. The tempo is also an editorial suggestion from the arranger.

Accidentals above the stave (ficta) may be included at the performers discretion.

Duration: ~4:30