Introitus for Trombone Quartet

An arrangement of the Introitus from ‘Missa Pro fidelibus defunctis’ for Trombone Quartet.
This mass has variously been attributed to Antoine de Févin (1473 – 1512) or Antoine Divitis (c.1473 – c.1528).
It has been transposed down a minor 3rd from the original, and the words have been included in the parts in order to inform phrasing.
There are no technical challenges, but the top part will require good stamina.

Performance notes: The short unmetered sections are originally chants, and as such there is some freedom as to how you realise them. Possible ideas include one player playing soloistically, all players playing in unison, or you could even sing!

Accidentals above the stave (ficta) may be included at the performers discretion.

Trombone 1 parts are included in both alto and tenor clef.

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