‘Crewell, you pull away too soon’ for Brass Trio

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First published in 1593, this is the third song of the collection ‘Canzonets, or Little Short Songs to Three Voyces‘ by Thomas Morley (c. 1557 – 1602). Initially containing 20 songs, it was later revised in 1606 to add another 4 songs to the collection. It is a light, whimsical secular madrigal typical of the Renaissance, with Morley being considered by some to be the ‘Father of the English Madrigal’. Originally scored for SSB voices, it has been arranged here by Ben Williams-Stacey for brass trio.


Trumpet 1 in Bb

Trumpet 2 in Bb

Trombone – parts also included for Bass Trumpet/Trombone in Bb Treble

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