6 Movements from ‘Les Folies Francoises ou les Dominos’ for Brass Quartet

François Couperin was born into an exceedingly talented musical family in mid-17th century France. Growing into an accomplished composer, organist and harpsichordist, he became known as ‘Couperin le Grand’ or ‘Couperin the Great’, rising in fame and favour above the rest of his family. He rose high in the court of Louis XIV, having been given Royal assent to publish in 1713 and later appointed to one of the most prestigious Royal musical positions. Les Folies Francoises ou les Dominos is a programmatic harpsichord work that describes the characters at a masquerade ball; each personality distinguished by the colour of their cloak, and their thematic variation.

Amy Harding studied trombone at the Royal Academy of Music and subsequently at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. Having graduated in 2017, she is now enjoying a varied portfolio career specialising in historical performance.

This arrangement is suitable for a variety of ensemble lineups including Brass Band Quartet, with many alternate parts included. Supplied are 3 separate files: the score, the more standard Brass Quartet parts (Trumpets, Trombone, Tuba), and the alternate parts (Tenor Horn, brass band clefs).


Part 1: Trumpet/Cornet in Bb

Part 2: Trumpet/Cornet in Bb

Part 3: Trombone/Tenor Horn  – Trombone parts included in Bass Clef and Bb Treble

Part 4: Tuba (bass clef)/Eb Bass/Bb Bass/Euphonium (treble clef) – parts included for each with appropriate edits for range


Original Order of Movements:

La Virginité – pt 2
La Pudeur – pt 2
L’Ardeur – pt 1
L’Esperance – pt 1
La Fidélité – pt 2
La Persévérance – pt 2
La Langueur – pt 2
La Coquéterie – pt 1
Les Vieux Galans et les Trésorieres Suranées – pt 1
Les Coucous Bénévoles – pt 1
La Jalousie Taciturne – pt 2
La Frénésie ou le Désepoir – pt 1

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